Javel Juice

At the beginning of COVID quarantine I found myself bored beyond belief and quite uncertain of the world's future. With that boredom, I got sucked into the news and one day I heard something I couldn't believe was being reported. No matter what side of the fence you are on politicly, the breaking news headline sounded absurd. Were we really being led to believe we could inject disinfectant into our bodies as a medical cure? So I had a little fun with this notion and developed a "self cleansing" juice brand in preparation to capitalize on the future of "COVID cures." From there, Javel Juice was created and launched on social media. To my surprise people actually thought this was a real beverage. Just goes to show how people don't always look at the small print in advertising, just the big picture.  

Javel - Usually called "liquid bleach" or just "bleach."

Historically called "Javel water."