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"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary" - Vidal Sassoon

Hard work is a testament to one’s success. About thirteen years ago, Erik started as a Production Artist in a one-man operated agency studio. He now holds the title of Associate Creative Director at The Garage Team Mazda. Throughout the years, the long nights and holidays away from family, has been a challenge. However, his dedication and accomplishments are a direct reflection of his passion. Perfecting the art of precise craftsmanship, on stratagy creativity and communication for partners and clients is the most important objective. Don’t let Erik’s “play it cool” demeanor fool you. He has a fierce inner determination that is highlighted when composing 360 campaign  projects related to social, digital, rich media, digital content, broadcast, brand identity, experiential, print, OOH, CRM, along with extensive on set production. Erik’s passion has been recognized and admired by his peers and earned him some prestigious awards in the creative community.


Let's make cool shit together

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